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This article was originally published to DarkReading on February 1st, 2023

Impersonation stands at the heart of so many cybercriminal schemes today. Whether used to fuel traditional phishing or malware propagation attacks, business email compromise (BEC), advertising fraud, or e-commerce fraud, there’s nothing quite so effective as piggybacking off the trust and goodwill of a brand to lure people into a scam.

Brand impersonation can be a particularly thorny problem for CISOs, especially when the threats stray from the typical malicious email attacks that security practitioners have grown up fighting. Today, retailers, product creators, and service providers increasingly face a whole host of brand theft and impersonation ploys that stretch far beyond the common phishing scam.

Read the full article “Why CISOs Should Care About Brand Impersonation Scam Sites” on the DarkReading website.

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