Allure Security was founded to protect customer information from cybercriminals. Our patented approach protects an organization’s brand and provides security for their customers









As Chief Executive Officer, Josh shapes and executes Allure Security’s vision. Josh brings more than 20 years of information security experience, including leadership roles at Akamai, Singtel/Trustwave, Application Security, and SafeNet.

Jack Hembrough

Jack Hembrough

Executive Chairman

Jack Hembrough is the Executive Chairman of Allure Security. Mr. Hembrough has spent his career leading security companies and driving their growth. He has served as a director of Resilient Systems (sold to IBM), Watchful Software (sold to Symantec), IPtivia (sold to Circadence), and VI Labs/Revulytics.

Dr. Salvatore Stolfo

Dr. Salvatore Stolfo


Salvatore J. Stolfo is the Founder of Allure Security, a spin out of his lab at Columbia University where he has been a Professor of Computer Science since 1979. He is known for his research in machine learning applied to computer security, intrusion detection systems, anomaly detection algorithms and systems, fraud detection, and parallel computing for large data centric applications. 


Erik Dasque

Chief Technology Officer

With more than 20 years of experience in different startups at the VP & CTO level, Erik has built superior technology groups by growing, mentoring and managing large engineering teams. He fosters a great engineering culture, as well as, maintains, plans and executes on software development roadmaps and architecture.

Jason Sales Gonzales

Jason Sales Gonzales

VP of Worldwide Sales

Jason Sales Gonzales leads Allure Security’s global go-to-market strategy and is responsible for the company’s sales, channel, and technical sales teams. Jason is a seasoned sales and business development executive with over 20 years of experience building and managing direct and indirect sales organizations.

Molly DeQuattro

Molly DeQuattro

VP of Operations

Molly DeQuattro leads Operations at Allure Security and brings a unique love of systems and process to Allure Security’s breakneck innovation culture. Molly is dedicated to developing a supportive culture that facilitates high-performing teams that exceed their own lofty goals.

William BJ Moore

William (BJ) Moore

Chief Digital Officer

William (BJ) Moore is an experienced business and technology professional who currently serves as the Chief Digital Officer at Allure Security. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, BJ has a proven track record of success in driving digital transformation and growth.