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As we approach the mid-way point of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a topic that continues to be discussed over and over again are phishing awareness issues and the various ways nefarious actors continue to seek to dupe us. Couple that with the ongoing pandemic and the daily news chatter about if and when a COVID vaccine will be available, and you have the makings of a potential perfect storm of opportunity for phishers. 

During (NCSAM) we are on heightened alert but we need to stay vigilant throughout the whole year. Phishing campaigns prey on human curiosity in times of uncertainty. That is when we we tend to be the most vulnerable. The global population most certainly needs and desires a vaccine to get a handle on this nasty virus to help restore our collective physical hygiene. The same can be said for the need to get a better handle on our collective security hygiene, as phishers will look to exploit us by leveraging our curiosity when it comes to the latest news (fake or real) regarding the arrival of a vaccine and hopeful return to normalcy.

Our own founder and CTO, Sal Stolfo shares his thoughts in this RSA Conference article, “We Need A COVID Phishing Vaccine, Now.

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