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Speedy Takedown

We love catching the bad guys before they succeed and that is just what we did on Saturday morning. Security is all about speed and stopping phishing campaigns before they can cause damage or make anyone a victim.

On Saturday morning at 7:01 AM EST, we received an alert that a phishing campaign had gone live and was targeting one of our banking customers. Allure Security’s detection technology alerted us that our customer was compromised and their website content was being accessed from an IP address that was unrecognized.

The analyst quickly went through the data and by 7:18 AM found a partially built phishing site that contained our customers content. Our analyst knew they were creating a phishing site using our customers brand to scam unsuspecting consumers of the company.

By 7:26 AM we had notified our customer and they immediately wanted us to, “Nuke it!” That was all we needed to hear and within minutes our takedown team kicked in.

Now, there are companies that specialize in takedowns that brag about using up four hours to complete the task, as well as companies that focus on domain monitoring. This site was running on a newly registered domain that was not detected by domain monitoring and our patented solution caught it in minutes and completed the takedown in 52 minutes.

Our customer was very relieved to know the attacker was stopped before they had a chance to victimize anyone. Just let us know if you are ready to get ahead of the bad guys.

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