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RH-ISAC members are eligible for free online brand protection monitoring from Allure Security

What’s in it for RH-ISAC members:

  • Get alerted to websites impersonating your brand amongst more than 100 million sites examined daily


  • View potentially malicious URLs, domains, and indicators that match your brand


  • Sample the value of Allure Security online brand protection with a free account

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“Allure Security is far better than anything we tried in the past. It’s more effective and faster at takedowns and especially at finding sites before they’re up and running and have traffic going to them.”

Fraud Analyst | Top U.S. Running Footwear Brand


Allure Security protects brands by finding and stopping online brand impersonation attacks before customers fall victim. Our patented, artificial intelligence-powered engine finds more spoofed websites, social media accounts, and mobile apps more quickly and with greater accuracy than legacy approaches. Our unique, multi-pronged approach to response – blocklisting, decoy data, and takedown – significantly reduces the lifespan of a scam and the damage it can do.

Allure Security is an RH-ISAC associate member and most recently sponsored its 2023 Cyber Intelligence Summit.

It’s easy – just complete the form at the top of this page, or email Allure Security’s RH-ISAC ambassadors at [email protected]

By opting into a free Allure Security account (requires 15-min onboarding call), you will receive:
— Customized, real-time alerts via email and your account dashboard as soon as we detect a suspicious website impersonating your brand (compared to having to sift through the daily FS-ISAC export)
 Read-only access to a list of potentially harmful lookalike domains (typosquats, homoglyphs, etc.) and automated analysis of digital content published on those domains
— Additional intelligence about potentially harmful domains – e.g., registrar, host, certificate information, screenshots, etc. – to aid in investigation/response.

RH-ISAC members that are not Allure Security customers receive only:
– Alerts on detections of malicious websites only
– Limited, basic training data (e.g., logo, page title, brand name, favicon) provided to the machine learning algorithm

Paying customers of Allure Security receive:
– Additional training data provided to machine learning algorithm including multiple logos, marketing tags, text strings such as routing number, and more
– Continual model training and tuning resulting in more detection fidelity (i.e., generally resulting in more detections, as well as, fewer false positives)
– Ability to monitor multiple domains/brands, upload suspected domains for monitoring, and authorize domains (so that they’re not alerted on)
– Intuitive dashboard for drilling down into additional information about any brand impersonations
– Easy report generation to detail detections, mitigations, response statuses and more
– API access for feeding other security solutions with brand impersonation information to roll up into other logging and threat and risk reporting
– Uniquely effective three-pronged response service (blocklisting, decoy data, and takedown) and diligence resulting in significant reduction in time-to-takedown
– Expanded visibility by using Allure Security to protect their brand on social media platforms and mobile app marketplaces

Contact Allure Security’s RH-ISAC ambassadors at [email protected]


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