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Molly DeQuattro

Molly DeQuattro

VP of Operations

Molly DeQuattro leads Operations at Allure Security and brings a unique love of systems and process to Allure Security’s breakneck innovation culture. Molly is dedicated to developing a supportive culture that facilitates high-performing teams that exceed their own lofty goals.

When Molly joined Allure Security, she pledged Visibility, Predictability, and Control–no small obligation in the complex and dynamic world of cybersecurity. She is supported by a heroic cohort of Security Operations professionals whose dogged pursuit of successful website- and social- takedowns makes the internet safer for everyone.

Historically, Molly’s decade+ of Information Technology experience perfectly suited a transition into Product Operations at Akamai Technologies, where she and Josh Shaul first worked together to coordinate multiple complex initiatives within Akamai’s Web Security business unit. At Akamai, she defined and evolved the Web Security Product Operations in support of dramatic revenue and headcount growth, exposing insights regarding organizational performance and other operational practices. In previous roles, Molly worked within Harvard University’s Central Administration to socialize and launch Harvard’s enhanced central IAM solution in support of a campus-wide Active Directory, and she also led numerous IT initiatives at Brown University.