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Josh Shaul, Chief Executive Officer

Josh Shaul

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Josh shapes and executes Allure Security’s vision. Josh brings more than 20 years of information security experience, including leadership roles at Akamai, Singtel/Trustwave, Application Security, and SafeNet.

Josh is known as a visionary security leader with expertise in building teams, creating strategy, and driving growth for security companies of varying sizes. He is passionate about providing comprehensive digital protection to businesses while inspiring trust and confidence in their customers and clients. He is recognized as a leader with strong diplomatic skills, a natural affinity for cultivating and nurturing global relationships and for possessing unwavering personal ethics and integrity.

Prior to joining Allure, Josh was VP of Web Security at Akamai Technologies. He spent four years leading Akamai’s security business through explosive growth, guiding the business from a base of ~$300M to nearly $1B in annual revenue. Earlier in his career, Shaul held the role of VP of Product Management at Trustwave/Singtel. Trustwave is a leading cybersecurity and managed security services provider that helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk. Prior, Josh was Chief Technology Officer at Application Security, which offered database and application security products along with threat, vulnerability, and compliance management services. His career in the information security industry began at SafeNet as Director of Worldwide Systems Engineering where he was responsible for the design, development, and enhancement of SafeNet’s embedded security solutions.

Josh is the author of the acclaimed book, Practical Oracle Security: Your Unauthorized Guide To Relational Database Security. He is also a sought-after speaker at major industry conferences, delivering talks across the globe, including a keynote address at the RSA Conference in 2018.