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Daryl Vallad thought he was getting a great deal on an ice fishing flotation suit for $60 rather than the usual $300.

Instead, the Michigan man later realized he had fallen for a Facebook ad scam that looked like it came from WindRider in South St. Paul. But instead of receiving his winter apparel, he thinks he lost his money and credit card details to an impostor.

“It was one of those deals that’s too good to be true,” Vallad said.

He was one of more than 200 duped shoppers since November who have contacted WindRider, a direct-to-consumer manufacturer and distributor of fishing and outdoor apparel.

Efforts to reach Meta, the company behind Facebook, for a comment via phone, emails and the social media platform were unsuccessful.

Read the full article “Fake Facebook ads hit South St. Paul business, scam hundreds” in the Star Tribune website.

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