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Erik Dasque

Chief Technology Officer

With more than 20 years of experience in different startups at the VP & CTO level, Erik has built superior technology groups by growing, mentoring and managing large engineering teams. He fosters a great engineering culture, as well as, maintains, plans and executes on software development roadmaps and architecture. In doing so, he focuses on reducing technical debt and delivering customer value through simple user interfaces and product features using Agile methods. A strategic thinker with demonstrated business acumen, Erik remains a hands-on manager able to step-in and problem-solve with his teams. He has done so in many different technical contexts such as Java, GoLang, .NET, Node.js, LAMP, Ruby, NoSQL, MySQL, mobile (iOS, Android) and DevOps- & Cloud-based technologies (AWS, Docker, and private clouds). Erik’s experience includes SaaS, distributed systems, service-oriented architecture, micro-services, mobile applications, direct-to-consumer web sites, big data analytics, B2B applications and complex third-party API integrations. He has performed technical due diligence on several dozens of deals resulting in ten acquisitions valued at more than $400 million and overseen the integrations of those acquisitions.