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3 Cybersecurity New Years Resolutions

30 - December 2021

The pandemic has considerably sped up the adaption of technology through roughly every sector, and it’s shown –  with more companies than ever utilizing the Internet of Things, the adoption of 5g internet speeds, lots of companies opting for a permanent remote work schedule. 

Every new upgrade is a new potential exploit

However, with every new upgrade comes new potential exploits. Here at Allure, we want to keep you from being exploited. We’ve decided to share some of our new year’s resolutions For 2022. 3 Things your company and employees can commit to that’ll help keep you from becoming another victim.

Be as vigilant as possible when looking at links and emails

First off, Be as vigilant as possible when looking at links and emails. Make sure you know whos really sending you things and what web page you’re really on. Closely looking at the email address or URL, If something looks even a little off, chances are it is. Just because there is a .net or .com after the URL does not mean it is safe. Re-navigate to the intended webpage via google. For email, ask clarifying questions to whoever has an odd-looking email address and get to the bottom of it. 

Monitor trends in your company’s industry

Each industry is different and so too are the attack trends. These could look like fake Vaccine developments used as phishing bait for healthcare workers or Fake back-to-school websites with a variety of threats for students. It is extremely important to know what the attacks look like for your company’s industry. It is the most practical way that you and your employees can remain vigilant and keep your brand safe.  

Don’t compromise when it comes to mobile security

Mobile security is every bit as important as any other type, if not more. Today, phones are essentially extensions of our computers, so be sure your company approaches mobile security with the same energy as regular online security.  With dozens of threats like Text message phishing campaigns, mobile ransomware, spam calls recording your voice for identity theft, no aspect of security can take a back seat.

And there you have it. If we can all commit to being vigilant and keeping our companies safe, 2022 might just be the year scams finally see a downward trend. 

Posted by Mitch W


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