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Brand & Sales Security in 2022

30 - December 2021

No doubt you have read the news reporting on a shocking number of smash and grab thefts. Where brazen organized “flash mobs” descend upon a retailer and clean out what they can in minutes. Have you wondered what happens to all the stolen goods? Internet fencing – the stolen items are simply sold online. 

Sadly, a great number of online purchases are fraudulent.

Like any other business, online scammers need to reach customers. What better way to do that than impersonating a trusted brand.  Not only are brands and legitimate companies subject to online impersonation scams, but they are also leveraged for selling stolen goods.

These fake shops benefit from the theft of goods from the original victim retailers. Not only that, but they victimize the unwitting consumer and the online brand they impersonate to move their goods.

Smaller “mom and pop” retailers are losing not only sales, but brand reputation.

This is especially difficult for smaller retailers, those “mom and pop” stores who moved their sales operation online during the work-from-home pandemic move to the internet. These smaller retailers are victimized in several important ways. Not only do they lose sales to fake shops impersonating their brand, but they also suffer the loss of reputation.

Any small retailer getting by in this tough economy must depend upon trust from its loyal customer base to succeed. Trust is very fragile. As the old saying goes, trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and years to repair. This is unfortunately especially true for a small retailer. They may not have years to repair their lost reputation if the criminal fake shops leverage their brand.

Securing the sales lifecycle is of paramount importance to all brands, and that depends upon securing and defending the brand’s reputation. in 2022, make sure your brand is protected from these types of exploits.

Posted by Mitch W


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