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Cybersecurity and Cryptocurrencies

10 - August 2021

In the past year – and within the past 6 months especially, cryptocurrencies are witnessing a boom the likes of which have never been seen before. With new coins popping up what seems like every week, to the explosive volatility and profitability of well-established coins, the crypto market has become just about impossible to ignore. At Allure Security, we are embracing this change. We are proud to be (as far as we know) the first cybersecurity company to accept cryptocurrency as payment. 

With cryptocurrencies becoming a clear factor in the world economy, it’s natural to see businesses take initiative in the trend. For example – accepting cryptocurrency as payment, dealing with cryptocurrency companies as clients, and even as investors. Companies like Tesla and the Dallas Mavericks were among the first to adopt this trend, with others following suit. Why not embrace the opportunity to allow customers to transact the way they want to? Perhaps today you’re considered a pioneer, but it won’t be long before accepting crypto becomes commonplace. 

When it comes to cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies, the importance is rather difficult to overstate.

The culture associated with crypto is, compared to typical corporate culture, unorthodox to say the least. When legitimate companies brand themselves with pictures of dogs, pancakes, and memes of various sorts, it can become difficult to distinguish which sites are legitimate and which aren’t. Considering the high volume of search that accompanies anything crypto-related, as well as the strictly online nature of the concept, the setting is ideal for scammers to make their move.

The issue of scam websites designed to look like a reputable crypto company’s website is, in the words of Allure Security CEO Josh Shaul, “exactly the same problem, whether it’s for a crypto company, or for a traditional bank, or anybody else. So the technical approach is really the same”. Allure’s patented technology surrounding website detection and remediation is perfectly aligned to prevent duplicate websites all across the internet. Regardless of how traditional a company’s branding may be. 

Cryptocurrency is here to stay and is already changing the face of global economics in front of us. At Allure Security, we’ve elected to embrace that change early and often. Through adapting our business practices, we’re positioning ourselves as the ideal choice for cryptocurrency companies looking to protect their customers. Crypto is quickly becoming our top sector, and we are excited to see where that leads.

Posted by Mitch W


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